Fantasía en Negro Theater

The Company has made a strong commitment to 21st century boys and girls, using as a tool a black light technique that involves the magic of words and music.

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A story of letters with the magic of black light

The five vowels, were used to meeting every evening where ended the territory of the consonant W. Mrs. A was almost always the center of contention. She never tired of asserting, again and again, that she was the most important of the five, essential for any writing. One day, after an argument, she decides to leave and takes the wrong path.
The story on which the play is based is surprising and great. Surprising, because the characters in this story are not humans or animals. The protagonists here are the five vowels of the alphabet. Angelina Gatell has managed to tell the story, making it believable and exciting, as if the characters were flesh and blood. Magic, imagination and creativity make up this extraordinary spectacle, equally fun for young and old. The work is conducted entirely through the black light technique. With this technique the colorful puppets and objects seem to come alive.