Founded as a theater group in 1987, inspired by theater research online CLOWN. The basis of its work is its own productions, creating both indoor and street performances.

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A show business impresario on the brink of ruin wants to save his company by making a final all-or-nothing stand by hiring a great foreign diva for a tour of the country in which he expects to recover much of his renown and prestige; but things do not go as planned.

Upon the arrival of the star, the impresario and his pianist with whom he has worked a lifetime have not fulfilled the requirements the diva had requested for her show: dancers for a music hall number and a singer for the intermissions and the implementation of a second voice. The only thing to count on is a crazy pianist and with the grandiose dreams of a singer, only smaller than the impresario himself.

Will they reap the success they’re pursuing? Will they get to convince the diva that they are not frauds? Is she as much of a diva as she seems? Will they make the show a success? And if love arises? Three people with many differences and something very strong in common: a love of music.