RayuelaTheatrical Productions has been developing its work since 1988, the company having produced more than thirty shows.

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LOVERS - THE MUSICAL with songs by Cole Porter

On stage, a party room virtually empty. Among the tables, the traces of what appears to have been a big anniversary party. The remains of drinks and some ornaments are already worn. The musicians have finished their work and are released from their obligation, improvising for the pleasure of playing while finishing off the alcohol left on the tables.
Only a few recent guests of the party are reluctant to leave the room. Tired, perhaps a little drunk and uninhibited they certainly insist on prolonging the night gulping down the last bars of music. Fragile, between dream and desire, they are drawn into the music…an elixir that is soon to take effect. The desire to love and be loved, the wounds of love, desire, loneliness and the ecstasy in absolute bliss takes control of their wills.